Mapo Tofu by Greg Wong

Farm To People Kitchen


If you haven’t enjoyed this spicy-savory popular Sichuan dish, you’re in for a real treat. Homemade in the Farm to People Kitchen with top quality ingredients, Chef Greg cooks up his version of Mapo Tofu using juicy, heritage ground pork and minced shiitakes for lots of texture and umami.

This signature meal boasts distinctive features such as: fermented black beans that ramp up the tang and funk; doubanjiang for spice and depth; and kombu for its natural thickening properties as well as its subtle oceanic flavor.

DIRECTIONS: Greg recommends heating the sauce in a medium sauce pot, then cutting the tofu in small 1" pieces or simply pouring the entire package in and stirring. Silken tofu is quite delicate so it will easily break into smaller pieces as you stir. I love topping mine with some chopped cilantro and eating over a bowl of rice.

*Product comes frozen, silken tofu comes separately.

NY Chef, Greg Wong, has cooked at Mission Chinese, Atoboy, and Estela. He currently runs an Asian Brunch pop-up (@OutsidersPopup) at OStudio in Bushwick.

Farm To People Kitchen

Brooklyn, NY

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Keep Mapo Tofu in freezer until ready to use. Silken tofu can be stored in your pantry, does not have to be refridgerated.

Mapo Tofu: Shiitake mushroom, ground heritage pork, sichuan peppercorn, fermented black bean, organic garlic, fish sauce, doubanjiang, soy sauce, tomato paste, kombu, spices.

Silken Tofu: SOYMILK (FILTERED WATER AND SOYBEANS), GLUCONO-DELTA-LACTONE* CALCIUM CHLORIDE. *Glucono-Delta-Lactone is a non-dairy coagulant derived from non-GMO corn starch.