This true PDO Manchego Artesano is made with 100% Manchega sheeps' milk, and ages with an unbrushed, waxless rind. This allows the cheese to breathe and develop a healthy layer of mold (that is brushed off before selling), which aids in giving the cheese it rich almond and hay scent and unique taste. This manchego from Finca Sierra de la Solana in La Mancha, Spain lacks the super sharp mouthburn common to many other manchegos, and instead has more mellow tasting notes of juicy pineapple and toasted brioche. Pair with briney olives for a salty snack, or balance with a quince paste or fig jam for a salty-sweet experience. Made with animal rennet.

Essex Street Cheese

Queens, NY

Essex Street Cheese was founded in New York City in 2006. When they began, they sold just one cheese, Comté from Fort St. Antoine, at the Essex Street Market on Delancey Street in the Lower East Side. Though business has expanded and they no longer operate out of that shop, today they remain very focused on the highest quality cheese and only import a handful of iconic cheeses. Essex Street works directly with cheesemakers and agers to select consistently flavorful wheels and ship them from the source to you with minimal time in warehouse to ensure you are getting the best quality cheese at it's peak time.

Keep refrigerated, wrapped in cheese paper once opened. Let rest at room temperature for half an hour before serving for best flavor.

raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, cultures, lysozyme. Contains Milk and Egg