Maitake Mushrooms (Organic)



4 oz

Maitake mushrooms, known as hen-of-the-woods mushrooms in English-speaking areas, are traditional to Chinese and Japanese cuisines and medicines. These mushrooms have gained some popularity in recent years for helping patients going through cancer treatments and chemotherapy, but we also love them for their succulent, chewy texture and woodsy, earthy flavor. Break the mushroom apart with your fingers (no knives necessary) and fry or saute the pieces to add to your next grain bowl or tacos or keep the bunch whole and sear for a crispy, crunchy, chewy mushroom steak experience.




Brooklyn, NY

Mushrooms for the people!

Smallhold started growing mushrooms in 2017 because they were intrigued by their mysterious nature and thought they might be the key to feeding the world. Since then, they’ve invented proprietary technologies and a robust supply chain to build small, high-output local farms across the country. 

Smallhold believes that whatever the future may bring, the closer we get to our food—and the more love we put into growing it—the better we will treat each other and our environment.

Store in a paper bag in the fridge for up to 5 days.