Local Wildflower Honey

Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary


1 lb

Sweet Cheeks' wildflower honey is deliciously raw and full of good stuff from the hive--plus coming from nearby Central New Jersey, it is super local and therefore super beneficial to you and your immune system! Comprised of completely all-natural, sticky, golden goodness. Taste the Buzz!

1 lb glass bottle

Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary

Chester, NJ

Located on a 16 acre farm in Morris County, New Jersey, Sweet Cheeks is a haven not only for all of its hard working honeybees, but also for all the other animals owner Allison Tolpa rescues. A family run business, Tolpa's son, Ben, is the head beekeeper and head of creation for all their delicious offerings, while Tolpa's daughters, Olivia and Mia, help run the farm and various markets at which they sell. In addition to approximately 300,000 bees, the farm’s menagerie of rescued animals includes four dogs, two cats, five tortoises, four horses, ducks, Nigerian dwarf goats, a miniature horse, a miniature donkey, and a Vietnamese pig named Boris, whom they think has the sweetest cheeks of anyone on the farm. Even before their recent expansion in buying the retiring Tassot Apiaries, Sweet Cheeks has been dedicated to using every gift the bees provide, be it delicious honey and honey comb, to soaps, salves, and beeswax candles.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Wildflower Honey