Local Flowers - Mixed Bouquet (Organic)

Old Friends Farm


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Growing organically is not just for edibles. Old Friends Farm feels strongly about using organic practices for their cut-flower production as well. Using organic techniques for growing, harvesting, and processing rewards you with clean, long lasting bouquets, and all of the environmental advantages of organic land management. These flowers will brighten up your home or a loved one's day!

To extend their freshness remove any leaves on the bottom two-thirds of the stems and trim approximately 1 inch off the bottom with clean scissors. Place in a clean vase that's large enough to fit all the flowers with some room for circulation. Flowers prefer warm water, so fill the vase at first with water that is 80-110 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not need to be maintained at that temperature, but starting freshly cut flowers in warmer water will prevent oxygen bubbles from forming in the stems and impeding water uptake. Adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water will nourish flowers.

Place the vase in a part of your home away from full sun, heat, drafts, or fruit bowls and remove any decaying leaves daily. Change the water every few days and enjoy your flowers often!

Old Friends Farm

Amherst, MA

See product description for tips on keeping your flowers fresh!