Little Hosmer is a Jasper Hill Creamery original, a mini version of a new world-style brie. This cheese is named after a small pond in nearby Craftsbury, Vermont. Little Hosmer Pond is adjacent to Great Hosmer Pond, both favorite destinations for rowing, swimming, fishing and cross-country skiing after a long day of cheesemaking. Naming this little cheese after a Northeast Kingdom gem ties out Jasper Hill's quest for meaningful work in a place that they love.

Little Hosmer is an approachable and nuanced soft-ripened cheese. Beneath its thin, bloomy rind lies a gooey, milky core showing a complex array of flavors at peak ripeness: cauliflower, creme fraiche, and toasted nuts.

Little Hosmer is a perfect size for a picnic, or as a complement to a cheese board. At room temperature, this cheese is pliable and decadent without being runny. Seek out a fruited wheat beer, cured duck breast, and freshly baked focaccia for an elegant little spread.

Jasper Hill Farm

Craftsbury, VT

Jasper Hill is a working dairy farm with an on-site creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. An underground aging facility, known as the Cellars, maximizes the potential of cheeses made by the creamery, as well as those made by other local producers. Leftover whey from the cheesemaking process is fed to heritage breed pigs, who also roam the woodlands beyond the cows' pasture. These pigs are also used to make their various pork offerings. Jasper Hill's mission is to make the highest possible quality products in a way that supports Vermont's working landscape. They are driven to be the standard bearer of quality and innovation in the artisan cheese industry while promoting their regional taste of place.

Keep Refrigerated. Take out of the fridge and let it rest half an hour before serving for best taste and texture.

Pasteurized Cow Milk, Salt, Rennet, Cultures Contains Milk.