Tangy, clean-flavored, and filled with juice and pulp. These aromatic fruits are more tart and bracing than lemons. Kitchen staples in Mexican and Southeast Asian cuisine, limes are key for margaritas, mojitoes ceviche (citrus-marinated raw fish) and tangy, meringue-topped lime pies.

Organic from Mexico

At Farm to People, we're all about delivering the freshest and finest foods to your doorsteps. While we thrive on sourcing 70% of our goods locally, there are a few exceptions – like our zesty lemons and limes straight from the sunny orchards of Mexico. Why? Because, let's face it, lemons don't exactly flourish in the Northeast chill. And hey, supporting local is our jam, but sometimes a little global flair in your Farm Box keeps things exciting!

Rest assured, while these items may travel a bit far, they meet the same high standards we hold dear. We work year-round with small farms, ensuring that whether it's from nearby or a bit farther, your produce is top-notch.