Lancaster Red or Green Little Gem Lettuce


3 heads

Though small, these petite heads of red or green bibb lettuce are actually fully mature. Bibb lettuce is sweet and crunchy, similar to romaine but much more delicate. While the root end and core of these little gems is green, they sometimes fan out into a beautiful maroon halfway up and through the tips and are consistently sweet, crisp, and versatile. Gem lettuce makes great wrap for Kung Pao chicken or can be used as a lighter taco shell for grilled fish. You can also use them as lettuce cups for various protein salads or to hold dips for a crudite plate. We also love a grilled Caesar salad--halve the little gems, baste with butter and char quickly on the grill. Dress as you would your favorite Caesar for a uniquely smoky, summer salad treat.

Store in the crisper drawer wrapped in paper towels for up to a week.