Lamb Organs

Stryker Farm


Though not our first thought when we think of delicious, tender lamb, the kidneys are a surprisingly flavorful cut of meat. Given their strong flavor, it's traditional in both English and Asian cuisines to fry them in butter, bacon, or goose fat and then serve them heavily spiced, either with hot English mustard and cayenne, or a fiery blend of Chinese spices. Make sure to remove the outer membrane and any tough outer fat before cooking. Best served at a medium/medium rare. Limited quantities available. All of our lamb cuts are sourced from a single animal at Stryker Farm. Purchasing the whole animal like this is the most sustainable way to source meat because it ensures all the parts of the animal are used and minimizes the number of animals needed to make the meat, therefore less waste is created and less resources are used. Around 2lbs/pack. Contains a mix of Kidney, Liver and Heart from a single lamb.

Stryker Farm

Saylorsburg, PA

In 2010, at age 21, Stryker Farm’s owner Nolan Thevenet decided to drop out of college and follow his dream of working outside and being a farmer. Over a decade later, he prides himself on practicing true free range farming. Each of Stryker Farm's livestock animals has unrestricted access to a wild habitat of pasture and forest land, thus allowing them to act out their natural behaviors. Nolan believes that small scale, sustainable farming is the answer to many environmental, animal welfare, and human health issues of our time. With words like "natural" and "organic" often being over-used, it is more important than ever to know where your food is coming from and how it was raised.

Heart, Liver, Kidneys