A gourmet burger made with kidney beans, beet and paprika, so you can have fun while eating healthy! They’re made from legumes to give you the fiber and protein you need.

Hari & Co.

Lyon, France

HARi&CO was brought to life by Benoît and Manu, two agricultural engineers from Lyon. After finishing school, they both took a keen interest in beans.

Aware of the issues surrounding the overconsumption of meat and convinced that the hype around plant proteins would only continue to grow, they came up with a new product using commonplace ingredients.

Instead of relying on soy, they opted for French beans such as green lentils, chickpeas, flageolet beans, and red beans. This is how their green lentil burger came to be while they were still students. They won numerous innovation contests in France and throughout Europe, earning them their first round of seed funding. And just like that, they set the ball rolling!

Once they founded the company and created new recipes, they began making a name for themselves by delivering to school and corporate cafeterias. The aim remains that of reaching a broad customer base with simple and delicious products.

Keep frozen.

Red kidney beans* (44%), cornmeal*, sunflower oil*, beet*(10%), wheat flakes*, cauliflowers*, corn starch*, wheat flour*, sea salt, garlic* (0.2%), paprika* (0.2%), thyme*, black pepper*. Contains: Wheat