Kale Flower Sprouts


8 oz

Also known as kalettes, these little baby cabbages are a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts. As a result, these kale sprouts have the tender, earthy flavor of kale with the sweet nuttiness of Brussels. None of the hard stalks of kale either; only the more tender texture of the Brussels, which makes these great for eating either cooked or raw. Packed with antioxidants, protein and Vitamin K, you are going to want to put these tender greens in everything. Sauté with garlic and tomatoes or add to soups, if going the cooked route. Whir into smoothies or toss with a hot lemon and bacon vinaigrette if going raw. Basically, use anywhere you’d use kale, but want more pop of flavor. Store in the fridge in a bag for up to a week.