Jimmy Nardello Peppers


8 oz

These bright red peppers were brought over from Basilicata by Jimmy Nardello's mother, and in the mid 80s, he made the seeds of these particular peppers available to other farmers, hence why they are named after him. Though they are a vibrant, fire truck red, these peppers are only very mildly spicy and are used more as a sweet pepper, similar to a bell pepper. These peppers are the preferred choice for frying, so use these guys to make the best sausage and peppers of your life, or try stuffing them with cheese and frying them whole, or simply blistering shishito style. They also make a crisp, sweet, refreshing summer snack all on their own. No matter which way you decided to make these, you are in for a real treat.

Store unwashed loosely placed in a reusable plastic or paper bag in the fridge for up to two weeks.