Jalapeno Peppers

Ark Foods


5 pieces

One of the milder chilis, the humble Jalapeno still packs a punch while maintaining the sweetness of the bell pepper. Usually picked while still green, Jalapenos can ripen into a deep red; so don’t be alarmed if you see a little red or yellow blush on your peppers. You may be looking at a little more heat and sweetness! When overripe, Jalapenos can be smoked, making delicious chipotles. Using that for inspiration, try something new by grilling your Jalapenos to really kick the flavor up a notch; or go the more traditional route and serve them raw in a pico de gallo. Just remove the seeds to adjust for the heat. If you want to add a little acidity to your spice, try pickling your Jalapenos and top off your nachos with them.


Ark Foods

Brooklyn, NY

Starting their company with a single vegetable (their beloved Shishito pepper) and big dreams, Ark Foods strives to be a modern-day farming company that creates simple, fresh, and exciting food. Today, they spend their time growing imaginative vegetables on their East Coast farms and creating signature Veggie Bowls. From day one, Ark Foods has been committed to building a completely transparent supply chain. They are deeply involved in the entire process of farming and producing their food: personally researching and buying every seed, growing their own crops, and doing their own packing and distribution. If an Ark Foods label is on your food, you can trust it was produced ethically with full supply chain transparency and total quality control. With four farms along the East Coast, in North Carolina, Florida, and New Jersey, Ark Foods is committed to making fresh, high quality food as accessible to as many people as possible because they believe in fresh veggies for all.

Place in a resealable bag and store in the fridge for up to a week.