Honeycrisp Apples

Baugher's Orchards & Farm


2 pieces

One of our favorites, and a relatively recent cultivar (only 30yrs old!), Honeycrisps have the sweet honey taste and exceptionally crisp texture their name promises! As you bite into the cream-colored flesh, the large cells explode with juice in your mouth. Bake an apple pie; add to stuffing; top a salad with crispy slices.



Baugher's Orchards & Farm

Westminster, MD

Baugher's Orchard has been a working fruit and vegetable farm since 1904. Edward and Romaine Baugher purchased 60 acres of land from Edward’s parent’s farm from his siblings when they passed away in the 1930’s. They expanded the farming efforts, developed improved methods of operating and survived the Great Depression because of their frugalness and business savvy. Edward lived to 71 years old and died in 1984. Romaine lived to 94 years old and died in 2006.

Edward and Romaine always appreciated their customers and employees, and that appreciation continues through our generation today!

What started out as a 60 acre piece of land, has become a 600 acre operation, and one of the largest orchards in Maryland. Now a bustling business enterprise in two locations in Westminster, Maryland, Baughers is still family-owned and operated. The children of Edward and Romaine are Allan, Dan, Miriam, and Dottie. They all worked the farm when they grew up, but Allan had the most interest in the orchard business. He began expanding and improving the farming and orchard business in the 1950’s through the 1990's.

Today, Allan Baugher manages larger business projects while enjoying his partial retirement. Marjorie Baugher, Allan’s wife, is the bookkeeper for the business and the front office manager. Dottie Dunn, Allan’s sister, is involved in sales and marketing, book keeping, and is the packaging purchaser for Baugher’s.

Kay Ripley, Allan and Marjorie’s oldest daughter is the payroll clerk, bookkeeper and helps to run the restaurant. Lynn Forman, the second daughter, helps with advertising, promotions, signage and renovations. Nathan Baugher, the eldest son, runs the Fruit Market at the Restaurant, helps with the wholesale business, and orders produce that we do not grow. Lorraine, Jones, the youngest daughter, was serving as bakery manager, but is now busy raising four young children. Finally Dwight Baugher, the youngest son, is the Farm and Orchard operator. He is in charge of planting, farm and machine shop operations, growing, harvesting, selling and implementing new farming Ideas.

The next generation of family members is attending school & college, gaining knowledge to keep Baugher's running strong!

Keep in the coldest part of the fridge for up to two weeks.