Corn has rooted us to the land, fed our families, and shaped our culture. All Souls Tortilleria uses the traditional process of stone-grinding nixtamal into fresh masa each day thereby preserving the niacin (Vitamin B3), balancing essential amino acids, and increasing the levels of vital nutrients –especially calcium. In short, eating these tortillas is a really healthy way to consume corn! All Souls uses locally-grown organic heirloom corn sourced from Aurora Farm in Charlotte, VT as well as Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan, NY. Stuff with sausage, kimchi, sweet potatoes and/or black beans. 8 tortillas per pack.

Certified Organic
All Souls Tortilleria

Burlington, VT

Each week, All Souls Tortilleria simmers whole corn kernels with the mineral lime in a process called nixtamalization. The corn steeps over night, becoming nixtamal, or hominy as it is more commonly known in the US. They then fresh grind the nixtamal with volcanic stones into fresh masa to make the tortillas you have come to know and love. Nestled in Old North End of Burlington, Vermont, these tortillas are made the absolute traditional way with only corn, water, and lime (the mineral, not the fruit). Focused on the land and sustainability, All Souls sources only local organic Wapsie Valley corn primarily from Peter and Hannah Martens Farm in Penn Yan, NY and sometimes from Aurora Farms in Charlotte, VT. Members of Slow Food Vermont, in 2018 All Souls received the distinction of being awarded a Slow Food Snail of Approval, affirming their commitment to the land and their people.

Store in the fridge for up to 3 days; or freeze.

Organic Whole Corn, Water, Lime