These amazing small production strawberries, displayed at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market and coveted by all Californians, are a true treat. Harry's Berries are renowned for their rich aroma and deep red coloring right through to the shoulders. Their flavor is so sweet and jammy, you'd think they were picked from your own backyard. We get them ripe-'n-ready, bursting with flavor. Commercially produced varieties are bred to be sturdy enough to withstand long shipping distances and time sitting on grocery shelves. This non-commercial, specialty variety is considered too delicate to ship but are far sweeter, juicier, and more flavorful. Each berry is picked full-color, with no white shoulders or orange hue, at its perfect degree of ripeness. Read about what makes these berries so special here. Please note that because these strawberries are not bred for long-distance travel, they are very soft and will need to be consumed within 2 days of purchase.


Harry's Berries

Oxnard, CA

Harry’s Berries is a certified organic family farm located in Oxnard, California. Established in 1967 by Harry Iwamoto, it is now operated by Harry’s daughter and son-in-law, Molly and Rick Gean. All of their adult children are also actively involved in running the farm. The Gean family is dedicated to growing ordinary foods with extraordinary flavor. They grow unusual, specialty varieties of strawberries such as seascape, luscious chandler and Mara des Bois. Harry's Berries are considered a local favorite at the Santa Monica certified farmer's market. Arriving deliciously ripe, they are a treat to be enjoyed quickly. Harry's Berries strawberry season typically runs from April to August, weather permitting.

Soak berries in a vinegar-water solution (1/4c vinegar to 1.5c water), rinse, and dry thoroughly. Store in a paper towel lined container in the fridge for up to two weeks if you do the vinegar bath or up to 1 week without.