Green or Purple Mizuna


1 bunch

This Japanese native green has a slight peppery bite, but not as intense as arugula. Its resilience to cold weather makes it an easy crop to grow during the fall and winter months. It’s sometimes used in salad as a substitute for the more expensive frisée and is perfect for a more filling winter salad. It’s bitter edge and hardiness makes it perfect for tossing in a hot lemony vinaigrette, made with bacon fat. Toss the hot bacon bits in there too for a really satisfying meal. Feeling vegetarian? Go big with a creamy parmesan dressing with black pepper and lemon. Mizuna is also fantastic when sautéed with garlic and added to dishes like risotto or simmered into hearty soups like a Tuscan white bean or a winter minestrone.

Rinse and thoroughly dry leaves, wrap in a paper towel, and place in a plastic bag or container in the fridge for up to 5 days.