Zucchini has to be one of the number one vegetables of summer. Not only is it hydrating and delicious, but it is so versatile and helps us make our heaviest winter dishes light and summer appropriate. Make taco zucchini boats; spiralize some zoodles to replace your pesto pasta; dice up raw for a carpaccio; shave thin for a lasagna or Thai noodle substitute.


Taproot Farm

Berks County, Pennsylvania

Taproot Farm is a 200 acre Certified Organic produce farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The farm grows a diverse variety of vegetables and berries full of flavor and nutrition and provides it to our customers at its peak freshness. Using farming practices that enrich the health of the farm’s ecosystem, the farmers take pride in the nutritious, high quality food they grow using Organic practices.

Store whole, dry, and unwashed in the crisper drawer in an open plastic or paper bag for up to two weeks.