Green Kale (Organic)

New Sprout Organic Farms


1 bunch

With it's curly, ruffly leaves, this is the most common of the kale varieties. Bake in the oven for kale chips; wilt in a pan; braise in a soup or stew.



New Sprout Organic Farms

Black Mountain, NC

New Sprout was founded in 2011 by Alan and Jill Rose. After successful careers in corporate consulting and the public school system, it was time for a change. Like many others, we had been made aware of the importance of clean food and a local food economy. Inspired and challenged after reading works by Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry and others, they decided to make a difference, and started a produce farm in Asheville, North Carolina. Though they brought with us lessons learned from personal growing, the first steps included recruiting talent with experience growing produce on a larger scale. Additionally, they have received support and invaluable guidance from the fine folks at Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project and Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.

Wrap in paper towels and store in a reusable zip top bag in the crisper drawer for up to a week.