Green Garlic (Organically Grown)

Dig Acres


1 bunch

Also known as "spring garlic"! Mellow and fresh, green garlic is essentially the baby version of the mature garlic we know and love. Less spicy and pungent than its mature counterpart, this young allium is sure to liven up your spring dishes. With one stalk of green garlic roughly equivalent to one clove of mature garlic, you can use it as a substitute to freshen up your dishes. Similar to green onions or scallions, you can use them raw to make dressings or top off your dish for a zip of fresh flavor.

Beyond Organic


Dig Acres

Chester, NY

Ever enjoy a delicious bowl of fresh seasonal veggies from beloved NYC based chain Dig Inn? Well, in order to better support their foodshed and understand the demands they were making on local farms, Dig, the company behind Dig Inn, started their own farm, Dig Acres. Starting with 12 acres in Chester, NY, and through a fortunate twist of geological fate, Dig Acres lies on some of North America’s most fertile soil—known as the “Black Dirt” region. From the air, you can see the iconic smears of dark earth at the foothills of the Catskill mountains that make up this region. In 2017, they pulled 31 different crops and over 21,000 pounds of produce from the sulfur and nitrogen-rich soil. They have since added a greenhouse and are on track to quintuple their production this year. Not only does the farm provide great produce, it also allows Dig to work more closely with and help out its partner farms, and they use the farm as an educational and inspirational base for all of their restaurants' chefs. This allows for a more thorough and transparent food chain, which leads to better food for everyone.