These classically tart apples are firm and perfect for cooking or baking since their strong apple flavor holds up to sweeteners. Eat out of hand if you like it tart; slice thin and make apple pies or crisps; core and stuff with raisins and nuts for baked apples.



Phillips Farms

Milford, NJ

Phillips Farms is a family-owned farm that is based on a very simple formula: respect for the land, passion about produce, dedication to quality, and lots of hard work. Situated along the scenic Delaware River in the rolling countryside of Holland Township, New Jersey, Phillips Farms is a memorable destination in the rural northwest corner of Hunterdon County.

Phillips Farms is driven to provide the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious produce possible. They harvest crops at their peak flavor and deliver frequently to NYC which translates into fruit and vegetables that taste better and look better, and are healthier for you too, since fewer nutrients are lost due to lengthy travel or prolonged storage.

Store in the coldest part of fridge for up to two weeks.