Autumn Crisp apples are a delectable late-season apple variety known for their sweet, juicy, and exceptionally crisp texture. With a vibrant red and green skin, they offer a visually appealing addition to fruit displays and culinary creations alike. Their well-balanced flavor profile combines honey-like sweetness with subtle tartness, making them perfect for fresh snacking, salads, or baking into pies and crisps. These apples reach their peak ripeness in the fall, delivering a delightful taste of autumn with every crisp, refreshing bite

Weaver's Orchard

Morgantown, PA

Weaver's Orchard is a family-owned fruit farm located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. The farm has been in operation since 1932 and has grown from a small family farm to a popular destination for fresh produce, baked goods, and seasonal activities.

Weaver's Orchard places a strong emphasis on sustainable farming practices, including using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, composting, and reducing their environmental impact. They also prioritize community involvement and education, offering workshops and events to teach people about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.

Store in the coldest part of the fridge for up to two weeks.