Ginger Buzz Soda

Green Bee


4 pack (48 oz)

Green Bee thinks ginger is kind of like their crew: tough, stubborn, and spicy! Green Bee has dulled many blades and steeped many pounds of fresh root to show their love and devotion to ginger--sometimes there are even fights over who gets to drink the left over pressed ginger juice! All captured in a bottle for you to enjoy. Comes in a 4 pack of 12 oz glass bottles.

Green Bee

Brunswick, ME

The word SODA in most households is a bad word. At Green Bee founder, Chris Kinkade's house it was no different. As a father to three young children, SODA had always been something Chris has avoided despite the best negotiating tactics of my kids. One day while collecting honey from his beehives, Chris thought: why can’t we turn soda into something more Real and Natural? It all started in his kitchen, where Kinkade began creating drinks using his own honey, fresh juices and herbs. When Chris's kids started asking him to make more of what is now known as Lemon Sting, Green Bee was born! Today, Green Bee has grown into its own commercial manufacturing facility in Brunswick ME and distribute their products to natural food stores and restaurants throughout the nation. Green Bee flavors always come from nature: fresh pressed juices, natural herbs and spices. They take pride in crafting their products by hand and, of course, Green Bee supports bees which support local agriculture. The Difference Is Real!

Keep refrigerated.

Carbonated water, Honey, Fresh Ginger, Coriander, Citric Acid (non-GMO)