With a smooth green skin and a creamy dense flesh, the Fuerte Avocado is considered the best tasting avocado. Plus, it being cold-hardy means we get to have ripe avocados even in the winter! Mash to make guacamole or avocado toast; top your tacos, bowls, or soups with slices; puree into salad dressings or pasta sauce.


Bernard Ranches

Riverside, CA

Vicki and Vince Bernard travelled up and down the coast of Southern California tasting fruit at different groves. They bought the grove with the sweetest fruit and began farming in 1979. They believe that the rich soil and seaweed fertilizer they use contributes to the flavor and sweetness of the citrus they grow. They manage their trees without the use of synthetic pesticides, preferring to release beneficial insects instead: parasitic wasps, lady beetles and lace wings. They grow a wonderful variety of citrus from minneola tangelos to marsh white grapefruits.

Store on the counter until ripe, when the flesh gives slightly under the skin. Use immediately when ripe.