Made fresh with 100% whole rBST-free milk sourced from local farms. Liuzzi cheese has a delicate smooth texture and distinct flavor. Fresh mozzarella packed in water is great tossed on salads, or makes a delicious appetizer. Best served at room temperature. Made with pasteurized cows milk. Contains 2 4-oz balls per pack.

Liuzzi Cheese

Hamden, CT

It all started over 5 generations ago back in 1826 in the Puglia region in Italy. The founder of Liuzzi, 4th generation, Pasquale (Lino) Liuzzi then came to this country over forty-five years ago. He had a dream to establish his own enterprise, producing premium quality cheeses and fine foods, reminiscent of those started by his great-grandfather in a small town called Noci, located in the province of Bari in Italy.

Lino, along with his brother Nicola, established Liuzzi Cheese in the U.S. They believed in their dream and opened up a modest store, Liuzzi Market, in North Haven, CT. The efforts from their families and close friends nurtured their business which has grown over the last 3 decades. Liuzzi continues to serve the local community with the most outstanding products this side of Italy. Their Artisan cheese is made with the highest quality and standards using only fresh ingredients from local farms.

Store in the fridge for up to 5 days. Use as soon as possible for best flavor.

Pasteurized Whole Milk, Starter, Vegetable Rennet, Pasteurized Cream. Packed in Lightly Salted Water. Contains: Milk