The mushroom that really needs no explanation, these prized beauties have a cult-like following worldwide for a reason. Black morels grow naturally on undisturbed land, not in forest fire areas— in the Pacific Northwest they are mainly east of the Cascade Mountains. “Naturals” have thick flesh, multiple walls, a robust, earthy, caraway-like flavor and meaty consistency.

Wild Foraged

Tivoli Mushrooms

Tivoli, NY

Tivoli Mushroom Farm prides itself on sustainable and organic farming practices, ensuring that their mushrooms are grown in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner. They utilize innovative techniques and advanced technology to create optimal growing conditions for various mushroom varieties. With a diverse range of mushrooms including shiitake, oyster, cremini, portobello, and more, they are known for their exceptional flavor, freshness, and nutritional value, making them a preferred choice among chefs, restaurants, and mushroom enthusiasts. Tivoli Mushroom Farm also promotes community engagement and education by organizing workshops and farm tours. These initiatives aim to raise awareness about the benefits of mushrooms, their cultivation techniques, and sustainable farming practices.

Store in a slightly opened paper bag in the fridge and consume as soon as possible, within 4 days if not sooner.