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Escarole (Organic)

Roots to River Farm

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A leafy vegetable from the chicory family, escarole is similar to endive or frisée. Escarole, however, has longer, curlier leaves which vary in taste depending on where they are in the bunch. The outer, greener leaves tend to be a bit tougher and more bitter, so they lend themselves well to cooking. Like a lot of chicories, escarole is traditional in Italian food, so try those outer leaves simmered into an Italian wedding soup, or sauté them with garlic, oil and white beans for a hearty winter dish. The inner, yellower leaves are more tender with a milder flavor that is excellent raw. They add texture taste great paired in a salad with fruit or pungent cheeses like goat or blue.



Roots to River Farm

New Hope, PA

Female-owned and operated, founder Malaika Spencer fell in love with farming early on in life, and dedicated herself to learning how to restore overworked land and ecosystems while providing the most nutrient dense produce possible. Because of this, Roots to River Farm aims to transcend the economic, ecological and cultural devastation created by the industrial agriculture system by providing high quality certified organic produce directly to its local community. They believe that good farming is a public service, and want to provide a product that is of the highest quality, the most nutritious, beautiful and affordable while also offering a connection between consumers and the farm. In addition to being certified organic they utilize resilient agricultural techniques such as reduced-tillage, intensive cover cropping, integrated pest management, occultation, contour tillage, and organic compost applications to create a farm that provides the community with incredible food while also nurtures the soil and ecology of our farm and the people who work there.

Store wrapped in a damp paper towel in a reusable, breathable plastic bag in the crisper drawer of the fridge for up to a week. Replace the damp paper towel as necessary.