Dark ground turkey is usually made from thighs and drumsticks, which contain darker meat and have a fat percentage that's closer to beef. Dark meat is richer in iron, zinc, and selenium.

This is the juiciest and most succulent ground turkey we've ever had! It makes a great turkey burger with swiss and avocado or a hearty chili with beans!

Delivered frozen.

Koch's Turkey Farm

Tamaqua, PA

Koch's Turkey Farm is a third generation family farm that values the traditional standards of their Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage. Started in 1939 by Roscoe and his wife, Emma, Koch's has been a pioneer in being one of the first to grow antibiotic-free turkeys with an all-vegetarian diet. Koch's has gradually grown from a small, mom and pop operation to a fully integrated, hatchery, small in-house processing plant and an all natural feed mill. Their feed contains no synthetic herbicides or pesticides and no animal by-products and is made from locally grown produce. Koch's Turkey Farm is both Certified Humane® and GAP (Global Animal Partnership) Certified. As one of the few family-owned turkey farms left, their high standards and practices result in a stress free life for their birds, which in turn results in a tender, great tasting turkey for you and your family to enjoy.

Product arrives frozen and can be stored in freezer up to 12 months past sell-by/freeze-by date on package. Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge and cook within 2 days.

Dark turkey, oleroesin rosemary.