Dandelion greens may call to mind “weeds;” but we prefer to think of them as delicious bitter greens. These tasty leaves are known for cleansing the body before and after a long winter of heavy foods. This also makes them an apt complement to creamy and fatty flavors such as bacon, cheese, and salad dressing, imparting a sharp balance these ingredients. And just to sweeten this admittedly bitter pot, these super nutrient dense plants have more protein and iron than spinach. In fact, these plants are considered so good for you, they used to be used in a lot of traditional medicines. Eat them raw in a salad, sauté and mix into a dense alfredo or cream sauce, or add to your next creamy quiche or frittata.



Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op is a non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative of over 100 family farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They focus on creating healthy, high-quality foods from their highly maintained and enriched soils on their small-scale family farms. Lancaster County soil is considered some of the best agricultural land in the country. LFFC farmers take pride in this and steward the land to preserve this reputation for future generations of abundant production. With a thirst for knowledge to improve their sustainable agriculture techniques from one season to the next, they help each other to provide the highest quality produce possible. Their farmers choose to work cooperatively together to succeed in growing and delivering crops that enrich the health of the communities around them, as well as the health of the land on which they live. When you purchase LFFC products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest farm products, raised humanely, with consideration for the land, animals and people. Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is owned by the farmers working in cooperation with each other to bring you healthy, quality foods.

Rinse well in cold water and dry. Store wrapped in a damp paper towel in an open plastic bag in the crisper drawer for up to 4 days.