Cucumber & Lime Spare Tonic

The Spare Food Co.


12 fl oz

The Cucumber & Lime Spare Tonic is fresh, cooling and incredibly thirst-quenching. And the zestiness of the lime adds a brightness that brings to mind languid summer days and lively party nights. Oh, and it just happens to taste amazing with a splash of mezcal or gin! This probiotic drink has 15-20% of your daily dose of electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and potassium in a single serving - making it a great post-sport hydration beverage. Whey is the main by-product of yogurt and cheese manufacturing-- and mostly gets discarded! Whey is full of probiotics and nutrients, and has been enjoyed as a superfood for millennia.

The Spare Food Co.

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Keep refrigerated and consume by date on bottle.

Whey (Milk), NY State Honey, Lime Juice, Cucumber Essence Contains: Milk