The Cucumber & Lime Spare Tonic is fresh, cooling and incredibly thirst-quenching. And the zestiness of the lime adds a brightness that brings to mind languid summer days and lively party nights. Oh, and it just happens to taste amazing with a splash of mezcal or gin! This probiotic drink has 15-20% of your daily dose of electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and potassium in a single serving - making it a great post-sport hydration beverage. Whey is the main by-product of yogurt and cheese manufacturing-- and mostly gets discarded! Whey is full of probiotics and nutrients, and has been enjoyed as a superfood for millennia.

The Spare Food Co.

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Co-founders Adam and Jeremy Kaye grew up in a family of culinary entrepreneurs — a legacy that goes back at least four generations. The Spare Food Co. was born from their unique combination of life experience — a genetic love of good food, a deep social consciousness born of their youth in South Africa, a shared passion for travel and global culture, and a recognition that each of us has the power to make a difference in the world through the food choices we make every day.

The Spare Food Co. uses discarded and leftover whey--a natural by-product from the yogurt and cheese making process--and bring it front and center in their refreshing, revitalizing, and immune boosting beverages.

Keep refrigerated and consume by date on bottle.

Whey (Milk), NY State Honey, Lime Juice, Cucumber Essence Contains: Milk