Refined sugar is hard on the plant and our bodies, but baking without it is tricky. Enter coconut sugar, a low-glycemic sugar alternative that never requires recipe modifications, sourced from the nectar of organic coconut blossoms. Taste like caramel - not coconuts! Unlike agave or honey, coconut sugar is a cup-for-cup sugar replacement. Just follow your usual recipes! Add to coffee, BBQ, cocktails, even kombucha brewing! Product of Indonesia. Certified Kosher

Certified Organic
Supernatural Kitchen

New York, NY

Supernatural is leading a parade for kitchen creativity, and reimagining the ingredients that help chefs shine. It's a new way to have fun with food, your hands and your heart.

Colors rule. Sprinkles are magic. But a lot of baking ingredients make perfectly good treats cringeworthy, and not just kinda. Artificial colors, preservatives and other usual suspects have ties to cancer, ADHD, allergies and more. So it’s no wonder founder of Supernatural, Carmel, wished for something better. That's why she started a company that uses wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Certified Organic Granulated Coconut Flower Blossom Nectar