Chuck Eye Steak

Cascun Farm


8-12 oz

Also known as an "Edge of Eye Steak", the chuck eye is a perfect blend between a chuck and ribeye, and that's because it contains a few inches of the main ribeye muscle! It's known as the "poor man's ribeye" because it's not as tender as its more expensive cousin, but it packs a ton of flavor while still standing up to high heat. The extra flavor comes from a network of neck muscles that support the animal's weight as it moves around grazing all day. As cows are made the same way no matter what dishes are in season, it's best to learn how to do our favorite dishes with many cuts. This way, we can support small farmers who only have a few animals at a time.

Delivered frozen.

Cascun Farm

Greene, NY

Cascun Farm provides fine artisanal meats, hand selected from their family of farms, and masterfully cut by their butchers for your table. Every step they take, whether it's the pasture-raising of their animals, the rejection of added hormones and antibiotics, or the careful selection of butchers and facilities, is taken to ensure that the finished product on your table is of the highest quality. They promise that you will taste the difference!

Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge and cook within 2 days.