Raw Cow. Villaz-St-Pierre, Fribourg.

This brand of gruyere is new, but its old-school approach to an ancient recipe is anything but! A cooperative chain of production ensures that the best Brown Swiss milk is sourced from a selection of very small herds. We’ve selected the most mature wheels – a full twelve months old. Savor the floral qualities of its mountain terroir, and the toasted complexity that can only come with age. A tight, elastic paste means that it can be a toothsome addition to a cheese plate or an exemplary melter for a gratin.

Murray's Cheese

New York, NY

Murray's Cheese is made up of cheese experts and enthusiasts who make, source, sell and serve exceptional cheese and specialty foods nationwide.

Born in Greenwich Village, the heart of Murray's still resides in New York City with many ways to experience their cheese locally. At the counter, their cheese experts and mongers serve thousands of neighborhood regulars, commuters and tourists alike every year at our three locations –the Bleecker Street flagship retail experience, a beloved neighborhood fixture, our shop in Grand Central Terminal, and their new location in Long Island City.

Keep refridgerated.

Unpasteurized Cow's Milk, Salt, Enzymes