Sunny Harvest


2 pieces

Related to the cauliflower and cabbage, we love classic broccoli for a splash of green in any dish! Purée into a broccoli soup with avocado garnish; blanket roast broccoli in a creamy cheese sauce; toss pasta and white beans in a broccoli pesto.



Sunny Harvest

Lancaster, PA

Sunny Harvest, LLC is a locally owned and operated growing co-op located in Lancaster County PA. With over two dozen small Amish family farm members throughout the plain communities in Chester and Lancaster counties, produce is grown using traditional and conventional agricultural cultivation practices. Family Farm Fresh produce includes: diversified vegetables, small fruits, greens, and herbs.

Store wrapped in damp paper towels or a breathable bag in the crisper drawer in the fridge for up to 5 days. If eating raw, consume as soon as possible.