The delicate leaves are dark green to light green, the stems are a milky white color, crisp, smooth, and wide. Baby White Bok Choy is tender and crunchy with a sweet, mild cabbage flavor with slightly mineral flavor. It is used in stir fries, soups and salads.

Comes in a plastic clamshell



Allwell Greens

New York

Co-founded by Judy Cari, whose grandparents' spent three generations farming orange groves and other crops in Tawain, Allwell Greens is focused on responsibly grown, pesticide-free heritage Asian greens. Their aim is to revolutionize the Asian produce industry and redefine standards to ensure a brighter future for people and the environment.

Store dry, wrapped in a paper towel, in its clamshell in the crisper drawer for up to 4 days.