Crisp layers of puff pastry filled with a tart and satisfying mix of apples and cinnamon. Baked to a golden brown and brushed with a sugar glaze.


Colson Patisserie

Brooklyn, NY

Since 2006, Colson Patisserie has created artisan pastries in the tradition of the finest patisseries in Belgium and France. Their goal is to make every day a little sweeter and more delicious. They use quality sourced ingredients and traditional methods to produce their signature desserts and pastries. Their cafes in Park Slope and Industry City are open daily serving baked goods plus salads and sandwiches. Colson’s products are handmade daily in their kitchens in Park Slope and Sunset Park (Brooklyn).

Flour, Butter, Water, Distilled White Vinegar, Apples, Cinnamon, Granulated Sugar, Egg Wash Substitute.

Contains: Wheat (gluten), Dairy, Soy.