Ancient Heirloom Emmer Farro

Farm to People


1 lb

With notes of cashew and cinnamon, this ancient grain has a ton of vitamins and the most satisfying chew. Farro can be used like any other grain. Make a hearty salad or buddha bowl with it instead of rice or quinoa. Serve as a side dish or add to soups and stews like you would barley. You can also make this delicious heirloom variety of farro the star of a dish by making Insalata di farro with chopped up celery, dried cranberries, parsley and your favorite veggies. Farro is whole, not pearled.

Farm to People

Brooklyn, NY

We work year-round with small farms and makers to craft the ultimate selection of unique, delicious, and nutrient-dense food. In warmer months, that means ridiculously fresh fruits and vegetables from within a 300-mile radius of NYC. When it gets cold, we sprinkle in a few crops from our friends around the country to keep up the variety (Think amazingly juicy citrus from out west and super crisp peppers from the south!).

Regardless of where the ingredients come from, we build relationships with farms that use regenerative agricultural methods, no- or low-spray growing practices, and that harvest seasonally for peak flavor and nutritional benefit. Because we value the hard work and expertise of our farm partners, we pay them fairly. Up to 50% of every food dollar we make goes back to them. For reference, the national average remains below 15%. We also help some of our partners crop plan! Crop planning is the work farmers do ahead of each season to decide what they will grow. We commit to purchase certain crops to guarantee they find a home.

If you ever have questions about our sourcing standards, drop us a line at [email protected] or call/text (347) 455-0387!

Store in a cool, dry place.