American Paddlefish Caviar


This black caviar ranges in color from a green-grey to a steel-grey, like Sevruga Sturgeon. Perfect for "first-timers", Paddlefish caviar provides subtle, smoky flavors, offering a great fit for those newly introduced to caviar, as well as caviar connoisseurs. The small pearls are great as a garnish on a wide variety of delicacies. A couple of sprinkles will add wonders to any hors d'oeuvre. Both Sturgeon and Paddlefish caviar are the two most popular choices of caviar in the world. In general, Paddlefish take several years until they are ready to spawn. A female Paddlefish can take anywhere from nine to eleven years until they are able to spawn. Although it takes about a decade for the Paddlefish to spawn, they are capable of producing over half a million eggs each year, which they release along the waters of Tennessee, Alabama, and Missouri.

Keep refrigerated. Consume as soon as possible.