A cheese made for the true cheese lover. Our Aged Gouda is matured at least six months, for a distinct sharpness and saltier finish than it’s mild counterpart. Classically paired with stronger, full-bodied reds, like a French Bordeaux or Cabernet Franc, we think our Aged Gouda is just as good with a sweeter, more mild red. But maybe that’s the Upstate New York talking.

True Gouda needs to breathe so our cheese get’s plenty of air. Turned daily on pine planks to ensure uniform age and perfection for at least six months, our Gouda is also a raw milk cheese – no high temp pasteurization here. Plus the milk is sourced from our own family farm, so we know the quality is the best it can be. The results? One of New York’s finest traditional style Aged Gouda cheeses! Once our cheese has been milk cream coated and naturally aged it lasts for 2-3 months on the shelf prior to opening. After opening just refrigerate and enjoy! Because our cheese is crafted and cut by hand, weight is approximate. Don’t worry though; we err on the heavier side. Because, let's be honest – more cheese is always better. This cheese is made from unpasteurized milk and animal rennet.

Jake's Gouda Cheese

Deansboro, NY

Jake’s Gouda Cheese began with a simple idea – that well crafted food is inherently good. Something about it just makes you feel… well, good. Jake believed he could bring this goodness to Gouda Cheese. You see, true Gouda needs to breathe and most of what he could find locally was sealed so tight it was if the goodness had squeezed right out. So, with the help of his wife Sylvia, they embarked on a new adventure. With milk sourced from their own dairy farm in Deansboro, New York, Jake began creating cheese in the Dutch tradition. Still handmade in Upstate NY, Jake’s cheese has its roots in Holland. It’s turned daily on pine planks to ensure uniform age and perfection for at least sixty days and it’s covered with a cream coating instead of a wax seal.

When Jake and Sylvia began searching for their perfect 200-acre farm, their final decision landed them in Deansboro, New York. Deansboro remains a wonderful location for a dairy farm with easy access to feed mills and cattle dealers. The move from Pennsylvania to Upstate New York brought a change of climate. Cooler summers for the cows and perfect conditions for dairy production. Having purchased two farms with intentions of passing them down to their sons, they now have a self-sufficient farm to source their own milk production. Eventually, Jake would like to hand the dairy farm over to his sons, allowing more time for he and Sylvia to pursue their passion for cheesemaking, and the rewarding joy that comes with it.

Keep Refrigerated.

Cultured Raw Milk, Salt, Enzymes. Contains: Milk.