Spero Foods

Los Angeles, CA

People want plant-based dairy. But, today, plant-based dairy is prohibitively expensive due to the use of nuts as the primary ingredient.

Spero's founder, Phäedra, created Spero Foods because she wanted everyone to be able to eat clean dairy alternatives that actually taste good.

At Spero, they make dairy from seeds.

Why seeds? Almonds/cashews (nuts), which comprise much of the dairy alternatives industry today, based on today’s price, can’t create comparable products with dairy because they are too expensive and they're hard to scale. They take too much time, space, water, and human labor. Seeds are estimated to be 7-8x less expensive and to grow 50-70x faster than nuts.

By using scalable ingredients and cutting-edge technology, Spero aims to make plant-based dairy cheaper than traditional dairy products, and to take dairy alternatives mainstream.