Black Seed Bagels

New York, NY

Black Seed is a modern-day bagel shop steeped in old-world tradition, led by James Beard-nominated head baker Dianna Daoheung. Since opening in 2014, the shop has become an integral part of the “bagel revolution,” pushing the boundaries of how bagels are made in NYC, while holding true to its principles. Black Seed’s original bagels combine the best of New York and Montreal baking techniques. Starting with a naturally leavened, fermented, glutinous dough, the bagels are boiled in a solution of honey and water, seeded all over, then baked in a wood-burning oven to achieve the ideal crispness and density. When the bagels are lightly browned and ready to be removed, they are tossed into a marble chute to cool. Black Seed came about from the friendship between the two New York City food and beverage operators and Bond Street business neighbors –Matt Kliegman (The Smile/Smile To Go, Jane Hotel Ballroom) and Noah Bernamof (Celestine, Grand Army Bar). Matt, Noah and executive chef Dianna Daoheung’s partnership was solidified soon after Hurricane Sandy. Evening beers lamenting the storm's damage to their respective businesses (“the kvetcher’s club,” as they dubbed it) turned to morning coffees discussing the lack of good bagels in NY, and from there, Black Seed was born. United by a love of traditional bagel baking and artisanal ingredients, the pair sought to combine the best of their native Montreal and New York styles, and create a bagel that is truly unique and delicious.