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Pasture Raised Turkey



Growing truly pasture raised birds naturally without antibiotics or hormones is a very difficult task that requires strong, healthy birds out of the gate--and wow do the farmers at Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op in Lancaster, PA deliver! These turkeys are far beyond free-range, having been allowed to roam and forage on huge swaths of lush green pasture, with a small aluminum structure available for shelter at the turkeys' leisure. Along with their natural foraging, the turkeys are fed a natural, local feed that includes non-GMO corn and non-GMO roasted soybeans. This allows Lancaster to grow the perfect sized, juicy, deliciously flavored turkeys for your holiday feast, while keeping the turkeys as close to as nature intended as possible.

These pasture-raised turkeys come fresh, not frozen, in three size ranges:
8-12 lbs - Deposit $45.00 (Final price $63-$96)
12-16 lbs - Deposit $65.00 (Final price $96-$128)
16-20 lbs - Deposit $80.00 (Final price $127-$160)

For more information on deposit and billing timeline, please see Payment & Delivery Details tab.
Turkey will be "hard-chilled." For more information on hard-chilling, please see Storage Tips tab.

If you would like a 20lb+ turkey, please email us at questions@farmtopeople.com to order.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, Lancaster PA

Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op is a non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative of over 100 family farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We focus on creating healthy high quality foods from our highly maintained and enriched soils on our small-scale family farms.

Lancaster County soil is considered some of the best agricultural land in the country.

LFFC farmers take pride in this and steward the land to preserve this reputation for future generations of abundant production. With a thirst for knowledge to improve their sustainable agriculture techniques from one season to the next, they help each other to provide the highest quality produce possible. Our farmers choose to work cooperatively together to succeed in growing and delivering crops that enrich the health of the communities around us, as well as, the health of the land we live on.

When you purchase LFFC products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest farm products, raised humanely, with consideration for the land, animals and people. Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is owned by the farmers working in cooperation with each other to bring you healthy, quality foods.

Turkey will be "hard-chilled"--see below for more info! Keep refrigerated at 33°F to 40°F for no more than 2 days before cooking. Place your turkey in the coldest part of the refrigerator, usually the meat drawer or the bottom shelf.

Store in the freezer if planning to consume more than 2 days after delivery. Food safety regulations recommend that for every four pounds of turkey, you allot 24 hours for defrosting in the fridge.

Turkey doesn't freeze until it gets to 26 degrees Fahrenheit. But, the quality declines and food safety risks increase the warmer a turkey is stored. This is why turkeys labeled "Fresh" are almost always "hard-chilled." This is a fancy industry term meaning they’re held between 26 and 32 degrees so they never freeze, but still stay fresh and safe to eat. Plus, if you buy a hard-chilled bird, you can freeze without risk because it's never been frozen before! This is the best way to ensure that you get a quality bird that has time to fully thaw before cooking.

Pasture-raised turkeys are $7.99/lb.

Orders placed will be reserved with an approximately 50% deposit, to be billed on Monday, October 25, 2021.

The day prior to delivery, your credit card will billed for the full price of the heaviest bird in the selected range (less the deposit amount already paid). Once your bird is packed (day of delivery), a final price adjustment will be made the the form of a credit for any amount paid over the exact price per pound of the specific bird you receive.

      8-12 lbs - Deposit $45.00 (Final price $63-$96)
     12-16 lbs - Deposit $65.00 (Final price $96-$128)
     16-20 lbs - Deposit $80.00 (Final price $127-$160)

If you would like a 20lb+ turkey, please email us at questions@farmtopeople.com to order.

Disclaimer: In an effort to reduce food waste and support the farms we work with, deposits on turkeys will not be refunded. All orders are final.

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