Organic Penne Rigate


1 lb

Carefully selected organic grains are masterfully mixed with the purest water to obtain a balanced, velvety pasta that welcomes every sauce and always cooks to perfection. Penne rigate is a tubular shaped pasta with pointed ends and ridges along the sides, like a tradition fountain pen, in order to help it pick up as much rich, delicious sauce as possible. Great for penne ala vodka, al arrabbiatta (spicy red pepper and tomato sauce), or scooping up all the tasty bits of a ragú. This penne rigate is made in the traditional way with organic durum wheat and pure spring water from the Dolomite Mountains in Predazzo, a city in Northern Italy. Learn how to make Penne with Pancetta & Mushrooms in this video. Vegan and certified Kosher

Store in pantry. Once opened, keep in an airtight container. Use by date on package.

Organic Durum Wheat, Spring Water Contains Wheat.