Nduja Spicy Prosciutto Spread


4 oz

Nduja (pronounced n-DOO-ya) is what you want to have stashed in your fridge to turn up the flavor on anything you have on hand. A delicious spreadable blend of La Quercia cured meats spiced with American red pepper, it marries rich umami to abundant heat. Wonderfully flexible, a dollop spices up pasta, cooked veggies, pizza, shellfish, roast chicken, eggs, or a big pot of beans. Or go simple and spread it on fresh baked bread or crackers for a quick but flavorful and satisfying snack. Made with humanely raised pork from small family farms that do not use antibiotics. Can be eaten with or without cooking.

Shelf-stable, but we recommend refrigerating upon delivery to maintain quality. Consume by date on package.

Pork, Sea Salt, And Spices. No Nitrates, Nitrites, Or Substitutes!