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Mixed Salanova Lettuces

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Salanova is a new kind of lettuce, which has been developed by Dutch seed specialists Rijk Zwaan. Bred from a selection of popular lettuces like butterhead, oak leaf, and crispy, Salanova is allowed to grow for longer than most ‘baby’ lettuce, so while you get that tender, baby texture you also get an enhanced taste experience. With 30% more leaf density than traditional heads of lettuce, the leaves also connect together at the bottom rather than growing, at intervals, off a central stem. As a result if you simply make a quick indented circle around the stem at the bottom all the leaves fall apart instantly leaving you with perfectly cut and prepared salad. Weeknight meals are solved! This week includes a mix of Green and Red Butterhead, Green and Red Sweet Crispy, Green and Red Lollo, and Red Oak leaf. 

Ironbound Farm, Asbury NJ

Ironbound Farm is dedicated to growing healthy food, which is produced using resilient ecological stewardship. They are a transitional organic farm--meaning they are converting conventional farmland into organic--and never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Ironbound practices regenerative farming in order to restore and transition the land. Specifically, they use farm-made compost and compost teas, minimize soil disturbance through tillage, and integrate livestock into their farm to provide fertility and pest management. They also practice cover cropping and agroforestry while focusing on perennial crops, reintroducing native plants, and planting wildflower meadows to attract and support beneficial insects (like bees!). 

Store whole and dry in the crisper drawer wrapped in a towel for up to 5 days.


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