Fresh Ginger (Organic)

Blue Moon Acres


4 oz

These young ginger crops are harvested before developing a tough skin and an intricate structure of tough inner fibers. With less inner fibers, this ginger is more delicate than your typical grocery store variety, with a brighter flavor. This strand of ginger originated in Hawaii and is the main ingredient for gari, the delicious pink ginger you get with your sushi! The pink color happens naturally due to a reaction between rice vinegar and young ginger. Ginger’s spicy flavor also shines in stir-fries, tea, cocktails, sodas, salad dressing, baked goods, and more. If freezing to store for as long as possible, you can grate the frozen ginger right into your dish--no need to thaw!



Blue Moon Acres

Pennington, NJ

Blue Moon Acres all started with a passion for high-quality, locally-produced food. With backgrounds in natural foods-wholesaling and farming, owners Jim and Kathy Lyons wanted to pursue a healthier, more sustainable form of agriculture. Together they realized their dreams to own and operate a farm. When Blue Moon first opened its doors in 1992, it did so as a CSA—Community Supported Agriculture operation. The following year saw the first harvest of micro greens and the first sale to a New York City restaurant. Word spread from chef to chef, and what was once a small backyard operation soon became the most trusted name in the business. During this time, Jim and Kathy raised three children, the eldest of whom, Ashley, now heads the sales and marketing department. In 2007, with an eye towards expanding their product offering, Blue Moon Acres acquired a 63-acre New Jersey Grown farm on agriculturally-preserved land in Pennington, New Jersey. It was here that several years later, Blue Moon built their first farm market, in which both the farm’s Organic produce and other locally-made goods are sold. Today, the farm operates with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability via the use of bio diesel farm equipment and geothermal heating and cooling techniques. Looking to the future, Blue Moon’s focus will remain on sustainability and soil biology, which results in disease-resistant, better-tasting, more nutrient-dense foods.

Keep in the fridge intact in a resealable plastic bag for up to a week; or freeze for maximum shelf life.