Atlantic Hake


15-16 oz

When compared against its fellow white fish, Hake is firmer, dense, and thicker than most. Its mild and sweet taste has made it a staple on many New England menus. A great substitute for cod, haddock, or pollock, Hake can be prepared and served in a very quick fashion. We typically salt ours prior to cooking to tenderize and enhance the flavor. Our favorite Hake dish is a seared tomato and basil medley in white wine sauce served over a bed of linguine.

Red's Best uses advanced freezer technology to super-freeze their locally caught fish and shellfish to temperatures below -61 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 24 hours. They perform this process as it is necessary to reduce the risk of consuming raw, wild seafood. Red's Best commercial super freezer accelerates the freezing process, and preserves the texture of the proteins by reducing the expansion of water molecules within the flesh of the seafood. The filets are flash frozen and vacuum sealed at peak freshness from the ocean. Each packaged item provides the transparent catch data to harvest your local catch; the fisherman, vessel, port of origin, and gear used. All our seafood selections are evaluated based location and catch or aquaculture method as a recommended by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

  • Catch Method: raised-footrope trawl to keep the net off the bottom, reducing bycatch of flatfish and other species.
  • Delivered: Frozen