Ameraucana Blue Eggs

Finger Lakes Farms


1 dozen

These eggs have a naturally blue shell because they are laid by a breed of chickens called Ameraucanas. Pasture-raised up to Finger Lakes' very high standards, these beautiful blue eggs are not just pretty, they're also pretty delicious.

Local. Pasture Raised.

Finger Lakes Farms

Ithaca, NY

Based out of Ithaca, NY, Finger Lakes Farms is a young company who is working very hard to establish themselves in the sustainable farming world. As such, they hold themselves to the highest standards, not only pasture raising their animals and avoiding hormones and GMO additives, but also spending a lot of time and energy providing the highest standard of living for their chickens. They routinely have independent animal welfare specialists come in and inspect their farms to ensure the chickens are well, happy, and treated with respect. This means the chickens are performing at their peak and therefore providing the best eggs imaginable. With their deep golden yolks, you'll see and taste the difference.

Keep refrigerated. Use by date on carton. In the U.S., farmers are required by the USDA to wash their eggs, thus removing the protective cuticle naturally present on the shells. Without this cuticle layer, eggs require refrigeration to prevent contamination by salmonella.