Del Pacifico

Los Angeles, CA

Del Pacifico is dedicated to offering sustainable, fair trade, low-environmental-impact seafood. Their wild-caught shrimp are fished from small boats known as Pangas, rather than the industry-standard trawler. Not only does this burn less fuel, it drastically reduces bycatch. They use an artisanal wind-and-tide driven technique, along with a selective net, that results in the lowest bycatch and fuel consumption per pound of shrimp in the entire world. Del Pacifico's shrimp is also the only shrimp fishery certified by Fair Trade. With their limited range and storage, Pangas must off-load within hours of a catch. Del Pacifico's shrimp specialists pick up the catch every day and take it to their state-of-the-art processing facility, where the shrimp are processed, flash-frozen and shipped within just a few hours of netting. They pack to the highest international standards, ensuring the finest sustainable shrimp in the market. Additionally, through their use of the Fair Trade program, fishermen earn additional income to invest in projects that support the ecosystem and communities they live and work in. Del Pacifico's shrimp meet rigorous Fair Trade USA standards in production and trade, including the protection of fundamental human rights and responsible use of the natural environment.